Precision and Timing

The precision of the movements it is the accuracy of the projection of a strength towards a point in the space. It is the perfect control of its body to strike a target.

The precision can take 2 forms:

  1. Precision on a motionless target
  2. Precision on a mobile target

The timing it is the skill to choose the best moment for one action, a movement etc. The timing can multiply the strength and divide the effort required. We have to find the good distance, make the good movement, wait for the good moment and have feet placed well on the ground.

precision and timing

The power of strike is not enough for the K.O.

In the world of the martial arts, the muscular power is an element to be considered but it is better to have a good technique of strike to cause a Knock Out. The skill of the athlete to send a strike on a precise target and the impact point surpasses the importance of the power of strike.

We can take the initiative to hit to provoke a reaction. We should always hit for a reason without indicating our intentions and not hitting with hope to touch. There are many elements we have to work to give to our strikes a precision which will have a maximum of impact with a minimum of effort: economy of energy, release the tension in muscles, increase numbers of targets and decrease their size etc.

In a fight, we are in fusion (relation) with the opponent who is in movement and who does not stay still. The person in front of you reflects what you are. We always have to be in movement by identifying and by following what is in movement. We constantly have to change (to vary), while being able to identify what is in constant change. Our posture has to allow us to hit from any position by keeping our balance. It is necessary to anticipate the movements of the opponent to adapt itself to its actions.

Impose the “tone” (set the pace) and the control of the distance are two manners to establish a good position to strike.

The fact of establishing a rhythm and of breaking the rhythm can allow us to hit at the right time.

In summary, we have to hit at the right time, at the right target and be in good position to have of the precision and the timing.

How to work the precision and the timing?

Tennis ball and elastic(rubber band)
Focus-Pad with a partner