How to Eliminate Back Pain Naturally

Stop the suffering, end the pain and start getting real relief without drug, without surgery, or equipment.

Over 70% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their life. There is specific reasons for your back pain. I know what I talk about, I was injured to my lower back during a grappling match and it almost ended my athletic career.

Ian Hart is the founder of my back pain coach (the largest back pain clinic in the US). He is teaching, in his back pain relief method, how to naturally heal your back. It doesn’t matter what your symptoms are, you must understand where your back pain come from. There is a reason for your pain. Once you discover the reason and resolve the problem, go back to living a normal life.

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What’s the major reason for Back Pain?

Lack of movements is the number one reason why so much people suffer from lower back pain. Maybe you are sitting at your desk all day, maybe your behind the wheel during long hours, maybe you are working standing up all day. Human being were design to move. If you are not doing exercises, sitting on the couch when you are back from work, you will create long term negative effects resulting with muscular imbalances in your back, your hip and legs (atrophy over time and lost of strength). If some muscles are atrophied, other muscles have to compensate and do all the work causing muscle overuse symptoms.

Absence of movements when you are in standing position create a lack of vitamins and minerals getting into your back. Also, because you are constantly in one position, your back do not get the oxygen it needs. The back gets atrophied and starving for nutrition (water, oxygen), the nerves become damage. The discs don’t get enough nutrition and lose the ability to support your body and here comes the back pain.

If you follow the 8 specific movements method, oxygen and nutrients will flood your back. The health of your back can be restored.

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Yoga, pilates and other stretching exercises may cause more harm than good


Should I use Ice or Heat?

Use Ice:

  • When your back injury is acute, or sudden, to help relieve and prevent swelling.
  • After a tough exercise to relieve muscle soreness and shorten recovery time
  • To recover from surgery by reducing swelling around the incisions

Do not use Ice:

  • To relieve back stiffness
  • Before you exercise because it will hide the pain
  • If you have high blood pressure or If you have problems with circulation
  • On open wounds
  • On areas treated with anesthesia
  • On chronic back injuries

Use Heat:

  • After the swelling has gone down from the back injury, use heat to trigger the healing response
  • To help with back stiffness
  • If you have a chronic or reoccurring back injury, for pain relief

Do not use Heat:

  • On a new or acute injury
  • On any injury that is swollen or inflamed