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Hey Coach Cyril here, thanks for checking out my training web page.

I am 28 years old and Ihave been coaching martial arts for 5 years now. It is my passion since the day I knew it exist. I started with karate at the age of 7. I didn’t like the kata thing so I quit and went to play football. It helped me a lot with my shoot ;). In 1999 the love story continued with Jeet Kune Do. That was the beginning of my martial artits life. I was dedicated to the sport. I wanted to know all the trainings possible to uprade my skills. But there was something missing, in 2005 I began an intense MMA training. My goal : Build an Arsenal. With good coaches in BJJ and Submission Werstling, my grappling skills went to a whole other level. I began to coach JKD grappling in 2008 and since 2011 Im a MMA coach in a local MMA gym: Academie ProStar MMA. I still got a lot to learn!











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5 Ways of Attack – Attack by Drawing

Attack by Drawing: Way of attack popularized by Bruce Lee (Jeet Kune Do) which aims at pushing somebody to make an action. The five ways of attack were part of the last technical explanations of Bruce Lee, very little time before its death.

To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. – Bruce Lee

The attack by drawing can be an attack or a counter-attack which is based on a trap fixed in advance. This kind of attack asks for a certain acting talent. You must convince the adversary that “there is no plan”. You must create situations of vulnerability by the use of pretences, provocations and traps by knowing in advance the reaction of the adversary. When the adversary falls into the trap, you attack. You must aim at the body automatic response. A particular action brings a given reaction. The reaction is then predictable. You must remain vigilant for the action which will follow the reaction of the opponent.

The attack by drawing is like fishing. Our actions and our positioning, is the bait. The reaction of the adversary is the fish biting. Our attack on the reaction of the adversary is the fisherman who succeeded.

The attack by drawing requires a good general knowledge of fighting. The rhythm and the timing must be developed to be able to act with effectiveness. You can draw a huge benefit on the damage with the attack by drawing because the energy of your attack is combined with the reaction of the adversary.
attaque en provocation

At lot of athletes use the attack by drawing in combat sports. Garry Tonon and Jeff Glover use this kind of attack in grappling. Demetrious Johnson, Connor Mcgregor, Anderson Silva and Michael Page are good examples of athletes mastering in the art of provocation (in striking).

The best way to practice the attack by drawing is sparring with different partners. If you always do sparring with the same person, he will easily guess what you are planning. Even if beginners does not control the attack by drawing, they must stay alert not to fall into certain traps. The role of the trainer is to sensitize the athlete with these tricks with which he will be possibly confronted.

There is many ways to fool the adversary to launch an attack by drawing:

  • To open the guard (to leave an opening) – examples: To leave the hands with a wide space in the center to incite an attack in the center, To lower the guard to incite an attack to the head.
  • To leave a target – examples: To advance the front leg to incite an attack with the leg, To advance the hand forward so that the adversary can touch it.
  • To trap with the footwork (leg movement) – examples: To move back to force the opponent to advance and counter when he advances, To advance and move back at once so that the adversary is accustomed to a certain distance.
  • To make calculated mistakes – examples: To move back the awkward manner to increase your opponent confidence when moving forward , Drop our hands after the strikes to leave the head open and incite a counter-attack to the head.
  • Body language – examples: To change level (height) so that the adversary imitates the movement, To make believe be hurt so that the adversary attacks in the same place (acting).
  • Language of the eyes – examples: To look at the body, strikes with the head or to look in the eyes and strike to the body, To look at the feet and to launch a jab (the eyes have tendencies to follow the eyes of the others).


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